Summer Stewards


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EarthWalk launched a Summer Steward program in 2016, with three long-time 16 year old Earthwalkers. The Steward program was created out of a need for more leadership and growth opportunities for older teens. All three of these teenagers had been campers since they were six or seven years old, then MIT’s for two or more summers. 


Stewards are role models and leaders. They further their skills and abilities with stewarding the land, trails and shelters. The Stewards also help and support by taking care of the campers as well, which can include harvesting craft materials for projects; setting up extra tarps for a rainy day; carrying extra water out to camp or leading some activities. They are offered the position by the Mentors who select the teens who are ready to take on more responsibility, and are offered a 5 week opportunity as a Steward at Summer Day Camps. Stewards are awarded a stipend at the end of the summer. Becoming a Steward can be a perfect transition to becoming a Summer Camp mentor.