At each Summer Camp, EarthWalkers choose a focus area from a variety of workshop options. Workshops include diverse age groups and are designed to meet the interests and abilities of all campers. Newer campers will receive an inspiring hands-on introduction to these workshop skills. Experienced campers are encouraged to challenge themselves and strengthen their skills while sharing what they know with their peers.

Some examples of workshops include:

Shelter Workshop

Campers gain competencies around shelter building; one of the best ways to create a sense of

comfort and belonging outdoors!

-Explore how animals make their homes such as dens and nests.

-Create a waterproof group shelter made entirely out of natural materials.

-Learn useful knots for tarp shelter making such as taut-line hitch, bowline, and clove hitch.

-Make a shelter more comfortable by building campfires, benches, hooks, blinds, and more. 


Storytelling Workshop

Let nature inspire your child’s creativity, and let creativity inspire them to connect deeper to the land! 

-Play improv acting games that encourage listening, cooperation, and being silly

-Listen to folk tales from around the world or create new folk tales

-Sing and create rhythms/dances to EarthWalk songs and help make new songs to share

-Create and perform skits to tell a story about nature


Animal Discovery Workshop

Does your child love animals? There are so many fun ways EarthWalk focuses on improving natural history understanding and building a sense of place. In this workshop we do it all!

-Give back to animals by creating brush piles, bird feeders, and planting wild foods.

-Discover what animals eat, how they move, where they like to hide, and more.

-Follow animal tracks and create a plaster cast- of their footprint.

-Nature journal and practice using field guides


Fire Making Workshop

We use fire to inspire! Learning how to be safe and skilled in fire-making builds such confidence to

anyone who wants to spend more time outside. 

-Learn to make a good fire structure that will keep you warm, dry, and less smoky. 

-Learn to “disappear” a fire when it’s one will even know it was there!

-Use “coal burning” to create a bowl, spoon, or other craft. 

-Practice using a bow-drill kit to make dust, smoke, and then a coal!

-Build a bow drill kit to take home at the end of camp


Sur-thrival Workshop

More than just surviving in the outdoors...How do we thrive? After this workshop your child  may

never want to go back inside. 

-Cook a snack of wild edibles such as burdock root and dandelions. 

-Learn to boil water to make it drinkable and then make a tree-tea

-Harvest plants that can be used as wild medicines for bruises, scrapes, and bug-bites. 


Hide-and-go-sneak Workshop

Does your child love being sneaky? In this workshop we explore the question of ‘how can one

quietly be in the woods and not be seen by people or animals?”

-Play tons of sneaky games such as “coyote-deer”, “eagle-eye” and “flying-squirrel”.

-Get covered in mud or clay! Create your own camouflage.

-Learn how animals stay hidden in the wild

-Build a hunting blind for observing animals while staying concealed

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