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Letter written by EarthWalk Board Member Rebecca Yahm June 1, 2017

There’s a lot in the world that we can’t control, and sometimes it feels like it’s hard to make a difference. One thing that makes me feel like I’m having a meaningful impact on my community is serving on the board of EarthWalk Vermont.

The board meetings remind me that local children are benefitting from immersion in nature and wonderful mentors, and that the next generation is learning to care for the environment and to cherish the joy of learning.

I’m inspired by EarthWalk, and reminded that there is hope. I know that those children, as they grow older and ever more capable, will take their commitment and dedication out into the wider world—and in that way the work done at EarthWalk ripples outward.

If you would like to make a huge difference in a small organization, please consider joining us. The time commitment is small, but the impact is huge.

For more information, please contact me, Rebecca, at: or Bill at

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