At each day of EarthWalk programming we practice Core Routines* that focus on our four guiding principles of Nature Connection, Outdoor Living Skills, Community, and Stewardship.

These Core Routines include:

Nature Games

We play games to strengthen friendships, introduce ecological concepts, move and care for our bodies, and have fun! 


Storytelling and the "art of questioning"

EarthWalker's share nature observations and stories from their day in group

circles. Mentors skillfully ask questions aimed at deepening knowledge while

inspiring further curiosity. 


Singing Songs 

We love to sing as a tool to focus group energy, connect with nature, and build community. 


Thanksgiving Circle

Each day we come together and ground ourselves by taking turns sharing about something that makes us feel thankful. This practice builds appreciation for the earth and for our community. 


Sit Spot

Sit Spot is a quiet time in our day designed to cultivate inner stillness and keen observation skills.


Outdoor Skills

Every EarthWalker has the opportunity for wood carving, strengthening fire-making skills, learning about trees and plants and more. 


River Day

We try to visit the Winooski River at least one day of each summer camp week. The river provides the perfect setting for unstructured time, allowing campers to explore, cool off in the water, be curious, build sand castles and maybe even get covered in river mud!  


EarthWalk Stalk

The ultimate game of following children's passions with a fun sneaking element. EarthWalkers “earn pinecones” by working on projects of their choice (such as journaling about wildlife, sculpting with natural clay, or building a shelter)  with the option of camouflaging up and sneaking pinecones into another team’s camp without being seen. 


Storytelling Circle

In our closing circle each day, mentors rekindle the ancient oral tradition of storytelling. We share stories from all over the world, and also create our own folktales. 


* Core Routines are documented in Coyote's Guide to Connecting with Nature by Jon Young, Ellen Haas and Evan McGown.  

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