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Yasi Zeichner


Pronouns: she/her

Yasi came to EarthWalk in 2011 as a student in the Teen Land Project and Mentor in Training programs, and the EarthWalk community has played a large role in her life ever since! From 2012-17, she attended Vermont Technical College for in Equine Studies and Business Management, filling summers as a mentor at EarthWalk summer camps and occasionally mentoring during the Village School. She’s now rejoining EarthWalk as Administrative Director during EarthWalk's Project Chrysalis* stage, helping to coordinate the project to guide the organization towards rebuilding a decolonized, inclusive, cooperative leadership for the future, and serving as an important hub of communication and planning (and possibly being a mentor in the field for future EarthWalk programming). Yasi’s passion for the outdoors and nature mentoring is shared with her love of traditional music, and she works for Vermont music non-profits Young Tradition VT and Summit School of Traditional Music and Culture, as a board member and program manager. Between her non-profit jobs, Yasi plays Irish fiddle and practices Irish sean nós dance, teaches fiddle lessons, wanders the land around her home, and tames chickadees at her sitspot.

*See below for more on Project Chrysalis

Angella (Ange) Gibbons MA.Ed


Pronouns: she/her

Angella founded EarthWalk in 2005, and was the Executive Director until 2019, when she chose to step aside and move to a part-time role. In March 2020, due to Covid 19, and Vermont stay-at-home orders, EarthWalk went into dormancy with no programming and no staff. Ange has been supporting the board through the slow process of re-building the organization, through the pandemic and beyond. Eventually, she plans to re-focus on mentoring educators through the Institute, documenting curriculum and ensuring long-term land stewardship. Ange has over 30 years of field experience mentoring children and adults that inform EarthWalk's educational framework and vision. She is featured in the book Greening Vermont: The Search for a Sustainable State by Elizabeth Courtney and Eric Zencey, which traces 50 years of the state’s environmental movement. Her coursework includes: Herbal Roots Apprenticeship (2019), and Family Herbal Training Program (pending December 2020) with Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism; MA in Education from Goddard College (2018) and a BA from UVM in 1983. She has certification in Wildlife Track & Sign (level III) with Cybertracker Conservation and certification in Wilderness First Aid. Ange is an earthwalker at work and at home, following tracks and finding nature mysteries, and trying to be helpful to and with her husband Dennis to raise good


Jane English

Jim Kelso

Jerri Nash

Deb Bogart

Karen Starr

Duncan Tingle

Wilmer Brandt, Ancestor

About Project Chrysalis

The COVID-19 pandemic, which pushed EarthWalk into dormancy, also gave EarthWalk the opportunity to step back from the day-to-day process of running programs, to reflect on how we can restructure the organization for a long and resilient future, further centering values of decolonization, social justice, and regenerative, multi-generational community building. “Project Chrysalis” is a project which will help EarthWalk accomplish that goal. 


“Project Chrysalis” is named after the transformative chrysalis stage of butterflies and moths - a period of dormancy and reforming, after which the insect emerges bigger and more beautiful than before! Supported through a grant from long-time funder Bay and Paul Foundations, this project runs until June, and by then EarthWalk hopes to emerge from “chrysalis” having developed a strong operating foundation, aligned with decolonial practices and the needs of our community, and clear next steps to rehire staff and re-launch programs. Our plans during this process include: rebuilding the Board of Directors, creating a distributed leadership structure for EarthWalk, initiating an assessment process with the community, and working with an indigenous consultant or firm to create practices which reflect the kinds of relationships we want to have with this land N'dakinna, its history, and its people. Rooted in fifteen years of transformative land-based education, EarthWalk hopes to lay the foundations for further decades of inspiring and empowering children, families and communities to reconnect with and care for one another and the Earth through long-term nature mentoring.

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